About Us

Khush-boo inspires you to learn, explore and discover nature through the sense of smell. We aspire to evoke emotions and create everlasting bonds with our fragrances

Children are always looking for inspiration from their parents. My daughter, like many little girls wants to wear everything that I wear, especially my perfume. Little did I know that her inspiration was going to become my focus in life. This project was an exciting new way for us to experience nature, cherish our bond and strengthen our sense of smell.

When we smell someone or something, signals are sent from our nose to the olfactory cortex of our brain, and it is here where the brain links the smell to an event, a person or even a moment and stores it as a memory. Most links are formed in our youth and hence smells often revive childhood memories.

About Us

Whenever I missed my children, I would cuddle up with their blankets and the smell would instantly bring back memories and put me at ease

Khush-boo has used this concept of linking fragrances to individuals and their surrounding to encourage early development of the olfactory in babies and children. Exploring nature through the sense of smell creates memories and everlasting bonds. For example the smell of fresh cut grass reminds them of summer, smell of damp woodlands of camping or cookies baking of their childhood or their grandmother.

Our senses are more tuned to receive natural aromas and mother nature does a pretty sweet job at providing us with gorgeous, natural scents that are actually good for us to wear. Plus, they smell way better than the conventional perfumes that are made up of synthetic chemicals, fixatives and solvents. When we apply synthetic fragrances on our skin, not only are we inhaling this toxic cocktail but it also gets absorbed into our blood stream making them very unpopular with people with sensitivities.. Khush-boo products are made from only natural ingredients that are of high quality, they are healthier for our bodies and the sustainability of our planet.

At Khush-boo everything is done by hand. We create, mature, filter, bottle and pack all our products in the United Kingdom in order to reduce our carbon footprint. We ensure all our manufacturing processes are ethical and socially responsible.